Sneak Preview at Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour

We had the opportunity to have dinner and a tour at TRADERS HOTEL Puteri Harbour on the second day of its soft launch thanks to the Traders Hotel’s Sigi Bierbaumer. Pictures speak a thousand words, so have a look at what we saw below. We genuinely liked it (only the aircon was not 100% there yet in all areas). The sky bar with its amazing view, the coffee shop, the reception area, the ball room - all are really fabulous to look at. An excellent design and for every location a great addition, but for Johor a milestone. The restaurant had nice textures from granite and wood. The reception area looked futuristic with its Star Wars type curves.

I was looking for negative points so this blog post doesn’t get too boring, but it was hard finding any (the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc helped and so did the smiling faces of all staff members). The food was delicious too: We had a buffet with a variety of dishes, from Western food to Indian, Chinese and Malay food. We tasted the Indian food, fish dishes and salad as well as the dessert and all were first class. A look through the kitchen area with separate kitchens for Meat, Seafod and other dishes shows the great length Traders goes to guarantee freshness and hygiene. And so does the great number of chefs working at the hotel. 

It is wonderful to see Traders Hotel’s best hotel at Puteri Harbour. We know where we will soon have regularly our lunch and dinner. Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour gives you a taste of all the sweet things still to come for Nusajaya / Iskandar Malaysia.

The official opening is on 1 June 2013.